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Incoming - Dual Degree Program

For Chinese students:

Applying to CDHK

  1. Requirement: Students of CDHK, who want to participate in the dual master’s programme at RUB, must achieve a minimum of 16 points in TestDaF.
  2. Application takes place through the student secretary during the 3rd semester.
  3. After applying, there will be an interview with staff members of RUB. Then the candidates will be chosen.

Study course in CDHK

Students of the dual master’s programme study 3 semesters in CDHK. During the 3rd semester, students will not only gain technical knowledge, but will also learn the German language to prepare themselves for the semester abroad.

Study course in Germany

The first semester in Germany begins in April. Students of the double master’s programme should gain all credit points of the first two semesters. The thesis is then written during the third semester. The topic of the thesis is relatively flexible; it can be taken from one of the chairs at RUB or from a firm. After studying in Germany, students of the dual master’s programme will go back to CDHK to present their thesis and finish their master’s degree.