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Incoming - Language and General Requirements


Degree-seeking students, who want to apply for a course taught in German, need to pass a language test in order to join any of those courses. To find out more about the language requirements, please visit this page. German language courses offered by RUB can be found here.

To further improve your language skills, you can use Tandem learning.

General Requirements

If you are a degree-seeking student and want to know if your higher education entrance qualification allows you to study at RUB, then visit Anabin or DAAD to find out! If you are not eligible to directly study at RUB, then 1-2 years at the “Studienkolleg” will prepare you for your studies!

For more information about the application process for degree-seeking students, please visit this page, and for exchange students, please visit this page

Plan ahead! Find out about the deadline of every step you have to take as soon as possible, especially the deadlines of application for language tests and submission of their results to the International Office!

Daniel (Mechanical Engineering) from Columbia:

“I chose to study at RUB because of its good reputation in mechanical engineering and the process of getting accepted at RUB was not overly difficult. I am interested in the specific fields of research that my faculty is working on and there are many opportunities of getting involved as a student, RUB Motorsport for example, which is great. The support you get as an international student from the faculty, the International Office and student organizations like the ESN is really helpful. There are so many events for international students so it is easy to get in contact with people and the events are always fun.”